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Jan 8, 2014 7:00pm PST
quote -old lee weathersby, iii, but this set was silent. it belonged to weathersby who played drums in the school band. >> it's not appropriate that we should be here to bury our children. i have nothing else to say except at this cycle of violence has got to stop. >> police found lee less than a mile from his home around 9:30 at night on new year's eve. he'd been shot multiple times and died at the hospital the next morning. through tears, weathersby's mother asked for an answer no one had. >> they murdered my baby. they murdered my baby on his way home. who would do something like this to a 13-year-old child? >> weathersby was remembered for his smile, his determination and positive attitude and for always raising his hand with the right answer. >> lee was pestering his
Jan 24, 2014 8:00pm PST
, had built a good and happy life here in arizona. belinda feel for lee radder when he was tending bar. >> you either loved him or hated him. he was loud and large in some ways and, you know, his ego could fill a room. but so could his heart. >> narrator: lee radder grew up in buffalo. this is his sister lisa. >> what did you admire about him? >> i think his ability to always see the glass half full. he was not a negative person. he was a self-made entrepreneur. barely graduated high school. started several companies. >> sometimes it worked. sometimes it didn't. >> if one wasn't going the way he liked it, he would try another angle with it. >> he loved motor cross for example, so he launched a magazine about it, "mx rider" and when that and some other ideas didn't go so well -- >> it's always, well, i can always make more money. is kind of the way he lives his life. >> narrator: when the recession hit, it was particularly bad for the radders. >> we didn't do a lot planning wise to save up for a rainy day and there was a lot of rainy days coming in our future. >> narrator: that's when l
Jan 9, 2014 6:00pm PST
traffic disaster in the town of ft. lee, new jersey, as some sort of political retribution. the governor had previously mocked the story and attacked the legislators who were investigating it. he had denied that anyone on his staff had anything to do with it. those denials, of course, became untenable yesterday once the record published an e-mail that appears to show chris christie's deputy chief of staff telling a chris christie appointee at the port authority that it was, "time for some traffic problems in ft. lee." at the press conference today, governor christie said he was humiliated by the actions of his top staff in this matter. he also said he did not know about those actions at all. but it was really interesting moment at that press conference when in the middle of this very long discussion, in the middle, specifically, of a long back and forth with reporters, the governor explained that when he was running for re-election, which is the time that this whole bridge shutdown happened, when he was running for re-election, part of what he and his campaign were working on at the time
Jan 30, 2014 7:30pm PST
to be here to celebrate the new lunar stamp and i'm pleased to be sharing the stage with mayor ed lee. hose been a tremendous support in san francisco. as allen mentioned a fumdz mayor ed lee has helped with the stamps including let's year of the dragon a few years ago. not just here in the united states is this important but indeed the start of the lunar new year is the biggest start of the for many people. it's a great reflecttion including our old chinese-american community here in san francisco. it's the customs and the 12 creatures the zodiac but it's a time to reinforce our values and to renew our lives the spirit of ancestors and the living come together and give blessing and prepare for good things to come. at the same time it's a time to clean the house from top to to bottom and resolve to what may come this year. it's time for parties and a festivals and a lot of fun. soon the streets of san francisco will be facilitated with dragons and people. lunar year is important for the united states postal service we provide the service everyday and recognize the red lights of the diversit
Comedy Central
Jan 29, 2014 2:00am PST
of ridiculousness. >> i like it. jamie lee. >> from the housers of "save the last dance" it's diagnosis delete the last dance ." >> 12 years of rave. >> >> chris: it's time for @midnight! welcome to @midnight. i'm chris hardwick. the show where we wrangle up thes of social media and our comedians break their spirits for points. tonight's comedians are: ordered in ascending height. first host of the "hang out with me" podcast on the keith & the girl network, his album "meat robot" is on comedy central records it's myq kaplan. [ applause ] >> thank you. who has been hanging out with you on the broadcast? >> i have had a number of people. the number is bigger than i know. >> i hung out with you. >> jamie lee steve agee hasn't. >> are we going to change that after this. >> we are right now. >> ok. >> chris: from "girl code," tuesdays on mtv, it's jamie lee. [ applause ] jamie, you only follow nine people on your instagram account. and if you expect a follow back you are [bleep] out of luck because you follow like nine people on your instagram. >> fun fact -- that's not even my instagram. someone
Jan 8, 2014 9:00pm PST
bridge from the new jersey town of ft. lee. that column about the traffic jam on the bridge in fort lee, ran on friday. it had been like that for days. it stopped the traffic on to the bridge, the traffic jam gridlocked all the surface streets in the town of fort lee, hundreds of cars backed up on to the streets for hours during rush hour, coming and going, it was epic, it lasted for days. it turns out that traffic jam was created on push, which -- they knew right from the start. the port authority, which runs the bridge cut the number of tollbooths from 3 to 1 on the big span. the bergen record asked, why would the port authority purposely quadruple commuting times for some of the people who live closest to one of the nation's busiest bridges. good question, bergen record traffic columnist. good question. and at this point on the friday of the week that this traffic jam happened, at this points this still was a local story about a traffic jam, but the point at which it stopped being a local story about a traffic jam, and started being a story about why chris christie is probably never
Jan 19, 2014 6:30pm PST
. lee. mr. lee was the dialysis patient and he's probably in his 80's and every time we would drive up to buchanan street, the hospital, mr. lee would say, "good job, fine driver, number one driver" and he would go like this [thumbs up gesture]. and then as brian would be helping him off the van, mr. lee, i heard him so often say, "brian, if anybody gives you any trouble you send them to me and i'll take care of them." and here great big old brian would say, "henry, you're the first one i would try to get help from." and he says, "the second one is elsa." [laugh] so we knew that we were being relied on by brian. a few weeks back, mrs. lee called brian early in the morning to tell him not to bother picking them up because they were already at the hospital. mr. lee was ill and she had taken him to the er. the next day or so, brian, on his lunchtime, found out that mr. lee had been admitted to the hospital and he went up to mr. lee's room and just stuck his head in just to say hello. and the minute mr. lee saw him he went [gesture thumb up in the air] like that. and mrs. lee said, "he's t
Jan 13, 2014 6:00pm PST
the "shriver" report. congresswoman barbara lee, ne a neeratanden. more information, download the "shriver report" for free at "the rachel maddow show" starts now. >>> good evening, happy monday. thanks to you at home for joining us. the largest city in the state of new jersey is newark, new jersey. until recently, of course, the mayor of newark, new jersey, was a man you might have heard of. cory booker. cory booker now is no longer the mayor of newark because he's a united states senator now. one of the highest profile democrats in the country. there are not that many people who have jumped from mayor to u.s. senator, but cory booker did that. and the city he jumped from is new jersey's largest. the second largest city in new jersey is jersey city. and jersey city, too, is starting to become known for its rising star of a democratic mayor. his name is steven fullop, he is 36 years old. his parents were immigrants to this country. h grew up working in their deli in newark. he worked hard, went to college, got himself a great job after college working on wall street. he
Jan 13, 2014 9:00pm PST
and the question of whether he and his city were treated to their own version of what ft. lee got. in terms of political retaliation and retribution from the christie administration. >> steven fulop is elected mayor of jersey city, ousting the guy who was naked on his porch. that took place tuesday may 14th, last year. the night steven fulop won that race, apparently governor christie phoned mr. fulop to congratulate him on his victory. we know that today because of this text message to mayor fulop from mayor-elect fulop at that point from bill baroni. the text says, "needless to say, congratulations on a tremendous job. i know the governor reached out last night to relay his congratulations. let me know if we can help set up any meetings for you in trenton as you enter transition with relevant commissioners, agency heads, et cetera." the just-elected mayor responds, "thanks so much. i'm excited to start the work as mayor and move jersey city forward." et cetera, et cetera. that happens in may when steven fulop is first elected mayor. the day he's elected, chris christie calls him that nigh
Jan 10, 2014 5:00pm PST
've already learned. first, the absolute rage and frustration of ft. lee residents about the lane closures that hit the world's busiest bridge on the first day of school in ft. lee and lasted for four days including the anniversary of september 11th. one that struck me was from a man 40 minutes late for his first day of the job after being out of work for a year. his wife, writing in to complain. there are new questions raised about the involvement of david samson, a christie appointee at the port authority who christie has defended and did not fire. we will talk more about that momentarily. it's also clear from the documents there was a full-on charade about a traffic study that basically had no conclusions other than to show that when you shut down two of the three lanes of traffic to ft. lee, well, really mucks things up. as we get our hands on more documents in the circle of those implicated in the scandal widens, it's getting harder to keep the cast of characters straight. so, before we go any further, a refresher on the main players in this house of cards. >> well, there are some del
Jan 9, 2014 2:00pm PST
into this entire mess. christie has just left the city of ft. lee and we're waiting for mayor sokolich who will join us for his first meeting since that meeting with governor christie. john king is in trenton, new jersey. case john carroll is in ft. lee. we begin with jake tapper who has been watching all of this with riveting attention. >> it's an incredible story. for those of you watching christie for some time, we've seen candid christie, feisty christie, blunt christie. today we saw a chastened christie. he entered apologetic and heartbroken. >> i am embarrassed and hum mill ated by the conduct of some of the people on my team. >> reporter: echoing the words of the written statement, e-mails and text messages that showed some of his top staffers conspireing to shut down the george washington bridge in an act of political payback. >> i had no knowledge or involvement in this issue, in its planning or execution, and i am stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here. >> he said that heads have already rolled, including bridget anne kelly. >> i've terminated the employment of bridg
Jan 9, 2014 5:30pm PST
part in the questioning today. she is live in ft. lee, new jersey, tonight. kelly, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. chris christie fired a top aide, a chief of staff and cut ties with campaign manager, saying they had betrayed him. he said he gathered all of his senior staff around and had been wrongly told nobody was involved. so he apologized for his words, denials he made, even jokes he made about the traffic jam story. his trademark in your face style, tempered today by scandal inside his own circle. >> what they did hurt the people of new jersey and hurt the people of ft. lee, and the person who needs to apologize for that is me. >> reporter: appearing contrite, sometimes mournful. and in his words, embarrassed. >> i am humiliated by the fact that i did not know this and that i was deceived. and that's an awful way to feel. >> reporter: facing more than 20 cameras, dozens of questions in a marathon news conference with his national political future on the line, governor chris christie insisted he never knew about and never okayed what he called a political ve
FOX News
Jan 9, 2014 1:00pm PST
-election campaign. that is what the e-mails were about. a democratic mayor in fort lee who didn't enforce him for re-election. so this image about bipartisan and reaching across and the national campaign perspective that would get broken a bit if it comes out that this is the kind of culture inside the governor's office that he allowed to sit in. he is doing a lot of things. going to fort lee, doing an apology tour. he is trying to reach out. but again, neil, as you know, these things could have many different elements and other e-mails and other people could testify. one good thing for the governor there was news from "the new york times" that the daughter of the 91-year-old woman apparently from fort lee, who died the day of the major traffic jam, is saying that it likely was not the inability of the ambulance to reach her mother's house as a factor in her death. but there are many factors to this and probably lawsuits to come. >> we'll see. as bret pointed out, the governor is due in fort lee in any second. he wants to meet with the city's mayor, and as well also the residents there and personall
Jan 10, 2014 6:00pm PST
, for some reason, "it's time for some traffic problems in ft. lee." david wildstein, chris christie appointee at the port authority which controls the george washington bridge, the busiest bridge in the world, responded to that apparent order by saying "got it." that was the most important thing that we knew before today. for color, before today, we also had mr. wildstein and somebody else unknown texting back and forth about their glee, their delight, that ft. lee, new jersey, had been turned into traffic hell for a week. that school buses were trapped in the gridlock and kids could not get to school on the first day of classes. they are the children of barbara buono voters. don't feel bad. they're the children of democrats. it is not wrong that you are smiling at the suffering that we have caused them. we had that before today. today, with release of more than 2,000 pages of documents, which the legislature obtained under subpoena in their investigation of the bridge shutdown, today we learned quite a bit more. after that mid-august instruction from governor christie's office that
Jan 9, 2014 6:00am PST
to the new jersey governor ordered lane closures to punish the democratic mayor of fort lee which sits at the foot of the george washington bridge. later e-mails among christie allies show a certain giddiness as the september traffic snarl trapped thousands of motorist, including school children and emergency vehicles. four months later, traffic is flowing more freely this morning but roadblocks may now lay in the path of a christie campaign. cnn's joe johns is here to walk us through the paper trail and chief washington correspondent jake tapper will take us through the fallout. joe let's begin with you. >> the trouble for the christie administration starts with calls for some type of state or federal investigation. then will are the hearings. plus questions are already being asked about the scandal on capitol hill. on top of all of that, the governor is going to have to answer questions about abuse of power and political retribution. this morning, the pressure is mounting. >> that's not the kind of leadership that new jersey needs and it certain sly not the kind of leadership the nat
Jan 8, 2014 4:30pm PST
. van with the fester of the general services administration (clapping.) the honorable mayor ed lee at the san francisco. and from hk architects. (clapping.) and crystal-clear barton artist with the cliff barton studio. thank you all for joining us the general services administrations is to deliver the best technology services to the government and american people. critical parts are providing with that,s that preserve the integrity off our historic fats and incorporating the design features all have been integrated. those of us who work here about work in a historically more than building. the m public works will homicide a place in his. at the history it dates back to 17952 when it was commissions to design is a new this. this federal building is within the center complex. after the earthquake of 18906 devastated many buildings it was transformed offering a promise of a now a fundamental humane city. this was designed by before a began in 1933 and was complete in 1936. the 77 his is unique including the historic oral office of chester. thanks it to the recovery act it's a beacon
Jan 9, 2014 5:00pm PST
saying it was time to start traffic problems for ft. lee. all this was going on without the governor's knowledge, without his knowing the least little bit about how this office, his own office does business. i didn't do nothing, he said, didn't say nothing, didn't speak nothing. that's "hardball." thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening, from new york. i'm chris hayes. two new jersey officials have been fired and the governor of that state is now in full-on defense mode. as the george washington bridge political retribution scandal continues to gain momentum. a total of four people have now lost their jobs as governor christie announced today in an epic press conference that he has fired his deputy chiefs of staff, bridget anne kelly, author of the now infamous e-mail reading "time for some traffic problems in ft. lee." one of governor christie's most trusted advisers, campaign manager bill stepien, whose e-mail called the mayor of ft. lee an idiot, who was fired and instructed not to submit his name for state party chairman
Jan 9, 2014 8:00pm PST
infamous e-mail reading "time for some traffic problems in ft. lee." one of governor christie's most trusted advisers, campaign manager bill stepien, whose e-mail called the mayor of ft. lee an idiot, who was fired and instructed not to submit his name for state party chairman. the firings come on a day when the u.s. attorney has announced the opening of a federal investigation and key christie appointee at the center of the scandal pled the fifth in front of the new jersey house committee and we will get to all of that. >>> but before we do, governor christie gave the performance of his life today. once apologizing and portraying himself as the victim, all in an effort to prove he has nothing left to hide, but there is so, so much we still do not know. >> good morning. >> today in new jersey, chris christie put on a marathon performance. ripped straight from a "west wing" script. >> i should do a till they drop press conference on the nuclear accident. answer every reporter's question. stay at the microphone until i bore them to death. >> during a press conference that lasted 108 mi
Jan 14, 2014 9:00pm PST
when the government's chief of staff ordered time for traffic problems in ft. lee, it was david wildstein who said got it and he at the port authority secretly organized the traffic engineers and maintenance department and everybody else who had to be in on it to get those lanes shut down then he swore them all to secrecy in terms of not letting anybody in ft. lee what to know what hit him. it was david wildstein calling the mayor that little serbian, david wildstein said don't feel bad for those children stuck in the traffic jams in the first day and the first week of school in ft. lee, because those are the voters, the democratic candidate running against chris christie. david wildstein ordered radio silence as the response of complaints from the mayor and ft. lee officials even when they were complaining about delayed ambulances trying to get to injured people and people who were having heart attacks. that's david child stein and that's david wildstein with chris christie during the bridge shutdown on september 11th and for a governor who wassest desperately trying to bridge
Jan 9, 2014 12:00am PST
of traffic on the world's busiest bridge to be closed off in the new jersey town of ft. lee. a punitive retribution of the mayor of fort lee who had the gall not to endorse christie. you do not want to miss that. tonight a man once hailed as the presidential nominee is fighting for his political life. cancelling his one event today, giving no interviews and issuing a statement attempting to distance himself from the entire mess. one thing is for sure. just a few weeks ago, he was joking about the allegations, chris christie is not laughing now. >> major twist in the bridge gate controversy, rocking chris christie's inner circle. >> i've been reading some of these e-mails, they seem damning. >> the intrigue is intense political revenge, all sorts of allegations out there. >> imagine the following e-mail exchange as mark murray does. former senior white house adviser david plump to treasury, time for some irs audits on tea party groups, a treasury staffer responds, got it, how long until the pitchforks and torches came out and articles of impeachment were filed. today, we have concrete ev
Comedy Central
Jan 8, 2014 11:00pm PST
on the fort lee side of that bridge was so unusual that it had to be looked into. >> the allegation is that this was in retaliation by the christie administration because the mayor of fort lee did not endorse governor chris christie. [ laughter ] >> jon: that is the most as -- christie had a 24-point lead over his opponent democrat who knows barbara buono. the idea that christie was so mad at a mayor for not endorsing him he imofs to (bleep). you would have to be the most petty person p. it doesn't punish fort lee's mayor. it punishes people trying to get the (bleep) out of fort lee. [ laughter ] the mayor he's the one guy who has to stay there. you are thinking about why are you talking about a traffic jam from september anyway. funny story. >> newly released e-mails link the office of chris christie to a controversial lane closure at the george washington bridge. >> one of christie's top authorities at the port authority, time for some traffic problems in fort lee, she wrote. got it he said. [ laughter ] >> jon: oh, no you didn't that is very specific. so -- wow. governor christie
Jan 22, 2014 5:00pm PST
to this point and lastly my partner and brother-in-law lee for his tireless work for nearly 4 years in bringing all of the pieces of this amazing puzzle together. thank you everyone and everyone i did not mention. before i bring up the mayor, i would like to discuss something. we also install a time capsule. we want to make the time capsule more meaningful. in addition to burying it on the sight, -- site, we plan to have a display of it. most likely and most obviously it will be how dumb our smartphones are for that time. i guess i should show you what it looks like. we are actually not going to bury it today. we are going to take some suggestions. anybody ha has any interesting ideas, please be sure to let one of us know. so far our partners at kennedy are contributing aerial photos of the before version of this area surrounding the transbay center and to make this local and timely we also couldn't resist including a picture of the bat kid who put so many smiles on san franciscans around the world this year. next, we'll hear from mayor edwin lee. when he's not delighting young crime fighters,
Jan 5, 2014 10:00am PST
'll hear from doug and we'll also welcome to the podium mayor ed lee and tiffany from ocii. i would also welcome the union representative today from trust fund northern california cal -- and san francisco tc and of course all the union workers helping to build. the care takers of union pension funds have invested in block six as our financial partners. the success of this project will support the pension funds and the pensions of the union workers as well as creating union jobs. box 6 is poised to make significant contributions to san francisco. we are adding to the south of market district and amenities that san francisco expect and enjoy and design a lead gold certification. it's more than a green building. it's been designed to reach the entire neighborhood experience and this will contribute to san francisco's longstanding ranking as one of the america's greenest cities. block six includes improvements to the street scape for all to enjoy at the community garden at the ground level and gives a sense of community within the building. we are making sure that our residents will have mu
Jan 9, 2014 1:00pm PST
in september. chris christie's visit to fort lee will come after a nearly two-hour news conference today where chris christie announced the firing of a. bridget kelly and after a statement from the u.s. attorney's office in newark it was reviewing the later, we will determine whether the law was implicated. david wildstein pled the fifth refusing to answer state lawmakers for investigating this very issue. we need to be clear, no evidence has suggested that chris christie knew about or ordered the lane closings in question. now, throughout the nearly two-hour-long news conference the governor emphasized his repeated attempts in the past to minimize this scandal were based on deception fed to him by staff members. >> i had no knowledge or involvement in this issue, in its planning or its execution. i've had a tight-knit group of people who i trust implicitly. i had no reason to believe they weren't telling me the truth. >> the governor said he was embarrassed and, quote, humiliated at the conduct of senior staff. in addition to the firing of kelly, he announced his withdrawing support for a cam
Jan 14, 2014 6:00pm PST
bridge in the world. and on the anniversary of 9/11, you worry, right? the mayor of ft. lee told "the new york times" this week that while the bridge lanes were closed, quote, his blood pressure rose two ticks each day. but he says it, quote, went up twice that on september 11th, specifically. but the reason this photo, which was taken on september 11th, during the traffic jam, the reason this photo is particularly awkward for new jersey governor chris christie is because the guy he's interacting with in this photo, the guy in the dark coat and the white shirt and the red tie is david wildstein. the chris christie administration political appointee to the port authority who personally organized the shutdown of the bridge lanes. when the governor's deputy chief of staff ordered, quote, time for some traffic problems in ft. lee, it was david wildstein who responded, got it, and it was then david wildstein at the port authority secretly organized the traffic engineers, maintenance department and bridge general manager and everybody else who had to be in on it to get those lanes shut down. th
Jan 17, 2014 11:00pm PST
of the the initiation for the new ci o. when i got interviewed by the city administrator and mayor lee, i was told that for tradition of the 12 days of hercules it was to accomplish and the first one would be the easiest one. i would like to ask you to join me the very inspiring mayor who is going to tell you the first tasks of those 12 is. mayor lee? [ applause ] >> thank you, mark. well, you just met mark, he's our new cio for department of technology. he's already approved himself to be a hard worker. we've tasked him with showing us what he can do in a short period of time. i would like to thank our supervisor wiener and working closely with the p.d., department department of public works and the ability to present an internet connectivity wireless ability along market street has been very important to me because it is part of what we were trying to do on the whole market street. so, today is of course announcing that the department of technology has been able to complete this with a very special partner ruckus wireless and i know selena is here today and i want to thank her for providing th
Jan 27, 2014 12:30pm PST
by after the sermon. we have an existing program lined up shortly we'll hear from mayor ed lee and also from the possessive manager from the district as well as the distinguished guests but first it's my honor to introduce our master of sermons abc numbers and anchor and reporter is an award winning journalist and chorus 7 weekend news cast he joined with assignments in texas and atlanta georgia. his coverage has included national stories like the columbia national crash in 2003 and helped to solve the murder of a 3-year-old boy and a federal bomb 3r0e78d a mystery solution solution and he addresses community issues and raise awareness and a sparks public change. he graduated from the texas in austin. ladies and gentlemen please join me in a warm welcome >> thank you it's my pleasure to be your mc for this dedication for the lunar year of the horse forest stamp but before we give up the program we'll shatter or start with a color guard from the police department and a national anathema a learnted person and a ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the presentation of colors and the sing
Jan 9, 2014 1:00pm PST
for some traffic problems." and "they are the children of democratic voters." the mayor of fort lee is an i had ohio, said bill stepien. confronted with these today, christie was chastened. governor chris christie entered apologetic and, he said, heartbroken. >> i am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team. >> echoing the words of yesterday's written statement, christie asserted his ignorance of the e-mails and text messages that showed some of his top staffers conspireing to shut down the bridge in an act of political payback. >> i had no knowledge or involvement in this issue, in its planning or in its execution and i am stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here. >> he said heads have already rolled, including bridget anne kelly, whose name is all over the e-mail and text message chain. >> i've terminated the employment of bridget kelly effective immediately. she was not given the opportunity to explain to me why she lied because it was so obvious that she had. >> bill stepein was also fired less than a week being nominated by the governor for
Jan 9, 2014 10:00am PST
and orchestrating an act of political vengeance, political vengeance, against the mayor of ft. lee, new jersey, the folks of ft. lee because the mayor allegedly supposedly had failed to endorse his re-election. the mayor is a democrat, chris christie is a republican. why a democrat would endorse a republican for re-election is something that is odd to begin with. we didn't get the explanation from bridget anne kelly, the governor didn't get the explanation from his former deputy chief of staff because he didn't talk to her after he fired her. chris cuomo is watching this closely for us in new york. chris, why wouldn't -- if you wake up in the morning as the governor says he went and exercised about 8:30 in the morning, he sees on his ipad on this story in one of the new jersey newspapers with all the e-mail, the text messages between his deputy chief of staff and others saying go ahead and close traffic, close these lanes, disrupt whatever was going on. why wouldn't he then call up his deputy chief of staff and say, bridget anne, what's going on? how could this happen? >> well, obviously it's
Jan 27, 2014 9:00pm PST
of the time for traffic problems in fort lee bridgeport shut down scandal the guy who said got it and who apparently set the whole traffic jam in motion back in september in new jersey when he was a high level hire at the port authority, on friday we learned that the port authority had cut off david wildstein. they notified him on friday he would have to be paying for his own defense in the chris christie bridgegate scandal in new jersey. doesn't matter that mr. wildstein was employed by the port authority. they say their bylaws prohibit them from paying david wildstein's legal bills while this matter is sorted out. that may mean that david wildstein may find himself on the hook for a ton of money in terms of his legal defense. but we learned that about him on friday. also on friday the port authority said they were still deciding whether they were going to do that same thing to bill baroni. the former republican state senator bill baroni, who is new jersey governor chris christie's top staff appointee to the port authority. he was david's boss there. they say there's no answer yet on if
Jan 11, 2014 3:00am PST
saying, for some reason, quote, it's time for traffic problems in ft. lee. they control the george washington bridge, the busiest bridge in the world responded to that apparent order by saying, got it. that was the most important thing we knew before today. for cover, before today, we have mr. wildstein and somebody else unknown texting back and forth about their glee, the delight that ft. lee new jersey was in traffic hell, school buses were trapped and kids couldn't get to school the first day of classes. they were the clirn of barbara buono. it's not wrong that you are smiling at the suffering we have caused them. we have that before today. today, with the release of more than 2,000 pages of documents, which the legislature obtained under subpoena, today, we learned quite a bit more. after that mid august instruction from governor christie's office that it was time to cook up something terrible, within the port authority, the traffic engineers were asked to provide a few different scenarios for how to do that. under what appears to be the guise of a traffic study, the chief traf
Jan 27, 2014 6:00pm PST
of those lanes on that bridge and the gridlocking of ft. lee, new jersey, as far as we can tell. he's not the one who put that plan into motion the way david wildstein did. he's not the one that apparently called for it the way that somebody in chris christie's office did. bill baroni, though, is the one who tried to cover it up. in an impressively elaborate wait. it was bill baroni who spun this elaborate tale before we had seen the e-mail. it was bill baroni who showed up at the legislature with photographs and charts. he brought big photos that he drew on, expounding in great detail about the traffic study. he testified for more than two hours about that traffic study that we now know did not exist. at one point an assemblyman asked if the legislature could see this traffic study that he seemed to know so much about. bill baroni told him no. the legislature couldn't see it. he couldn't provide data or numbers about the traffic study because the study was cut short. the traffic study was ruined. and that's why there was no documented proof that it existed. it was a whole elaborate
Jan 8, 2014 2:00pm PST
lee in new jersey. but first let's get to cnn's chief washington correspondent, the anchor of "the lead," jake tapper, who's got more on this developing story. you've been studying it, working on it now for a long time. >> well, it started out as suspicions that this town had been targeteds as way of getting back at the mayor for not endorsing chris christie, a democrat not endorsing a republican not so odd, but christie was popular governor cruising to re-election, and he wanted to have as many democrats as possible. democrats made the charge but there was initially no evidence. christie and his aides said there was a traffic study. but e-mails and text messages that were obtained by cnn that came out today indicate there was more going on. >> reporter: traffic in new jersey is rough on any given day but it's a local story. today, however, garden state gridlock is meriting national attention. cnn has obtained seemingly damning e-mails and text messages from top aides to new jersey governor chris christie, ones that seem to undermine his and his administration's previous explanatio
Jan 1, 2014 7:05pm EST
.com/booktv. >>> joining us on booktv is james rustin junior. his newest book is called "the accidental victim." jfk, lee harvey, oswald and the real target in dallas. what do you mean by the real target in dallas? >> it's a congress -- con have a luted -- i think all of them are nonsense. i think we have to bring it down to the psychology and mind set of lee harvey oswald the killer. what i've attempted to do is go to the core of his motive for picking up the weapon on november 22nd. >> you had to put two things together. the first is the attitude toward kennedy. where he had absolutely no -- for the president at all. admired the president for his policies. the change in military danger from honorable to dishonorable. he appealed to connelly to change it in 1962 and that hounded him to change him and hounded him for the next year and a half. and i believe he put the face of connelly on the frustration. he had a rage and anger against connelly. but not such an attitude toward kennedy at all. >> how did you do the 50 years later? >> a biography of john connelly in 1989. in fact, i was on booktv back there
Jan 15, 2014 9:00pm PST
to do that is up top here, it's how you cross from ft. lee, new jersey, specifically over to the top of manhattan. that's the george washington bridge. it's famous now for the chris christie bridge scandal. but it's also a landmark in its own right. right? the busiest bridge for vehicular traffic in the entire world. the george washington bridge up there at the top of your screen, that is not the only way to cross the river from new jersey into new york. below the george washington bridge, your next option is a tunnel. the lincoln tunnel. below the lincoln tunnel your next option is another tunnel. the holland tunnel. below that, you have three bridge options all of which go from new jersey not to manhattan but rather to staten island. first you get to the baon bridge. beyond that, the goethals bridge and there's an outer bridge crossing. holds a romantic place in my family because my partner, susan, was born under the bridge in perth amboy. something really bad happened on the outer bridge, it was a huge screwup, and it got people really mad. >> port authority says staffing shortage
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